Due to growing demand, our scope of services also includes comprehensively planned activities for the production of clothes. We design garments upon request. We also develop the visions of designers where are able to meet each unique and sophisticated idea. In addition, we fulfil the needs of clothing companies by implementing mass production. Furthermore, we can propose the creation of a clothing template with a full gradation of sizes as well as a full technical description of the production of garments in the preparation of the manufacturing process.


  According to the demand in terms of clothing design, we can prepare every garment visualization. Upon request, we will develop projects in both manual and digital versions. We will make best efforts in order to make them as close as possible to the complete version of the clothing product.

We can present one project in numerous variants after small modifications in accordance with the description and requirements provided by the ordering party.

  The projects will be developed upon prior agreement of the designs and pricing. The costs related to preparing clothing drawings depends on the subject and the number of projects.

We approach each order individually.

Production of clothes

  While offering clothing manufacturing services, we comprehensively conduct all works associated with production from both our own and entrusted templates. We can draft a material cost estimate for either one copy or serial production. We offer a full scope of technical opportunities along with the convenient selection of the order’s contractor dedicated to the type of production order. We will apply optimal solutions for sewing along with the use of an appropriate type of sewing accessories that will enhance the quality of the clothing product and fit into the demands of the particular clothing company. We will prepare a convenient technical schedule presenting all information regarding the particular clothing:

- use of machines, types of stitches used

- use of accessories in the form of fusing and reinforced tapes

- visualization of the manner and places of bonding

- tables of the sizes of the completed product

- description and usage of materials used for production

- upon request, we can provide a time study that includes the set of operations that constitute actions necessary to produce a given piece of clothing.

Clothing template

  We engage in the creation of tailor cuts that provide the product with its proper and beautiful shape with great passion as well as with the use of our knowledge and experience.

We propose ingenious solutions dedicated to creating the most satisfying effects. Upon developing the cut, we conduct a thorough analysis of the needs of the ordering party and the intended material: fabrics, knits, etc. used for production. Our goal is to achieve the most optimal effect.

Within this area, we hereby propose:

- developing the cut based on the project or a ready copy of the clothing and, upon request, using the customer’s archive templates

- digitalization, namely introduction of paper cuts to the computer

- gradation of templates according to gradation rules and principles applicable to the customer

- conversion of files – importing and exporting templates from other programs used for developing clothing templates

- printing template schedules on thermo-adhesive paper

- developing cardboard templates

- creating calculations of material exploitation

- drafting technological descriptions for the designed models

- upon customer’s request, we sew a prototype

- providing help in creating the collection

  We can send the file with the cut by mail as well as in the form of 1:1 print-out on thermo-adhesive paper as a template for direct cutting with regard to the final fabric properties, and in the form of arranged elements suitable for multiple use.